Visit The Luckiest Store On The South Island of New Zealand

$17.8 Won At One Lucky Little Store
You may want to take a trip to Richmond, New Zealand if you’re hoping to win big in the Lotto. One little store on the South Island has been responsible for giving away a whopping $17.8 million dollars worth of winning lottery tickets. Since it opened, the Richmond Night ‘n Day Foodstore has sold 138 first and second-division winning Lotto tickets to its customers. According to the owner of the store, confirming a win for lucky customers is the best part of his job. newzealand_lotto

Store Continues Its Good-Luck Streak

The latest win at the Night ‘n Day Foodstore gave one player $17,726 in prize money. That win came shortly after another customer walked home from the store with $28,231 in his pocket. In total, the little store has already sold three second-division tickets this year. All of the winnings have added up to give the Lotto retailer official status as the luckiest store on South Island and the second luckiest store in New Zealand.

New Zealand Lotto Bigger Than Ever

Besides visiting a lucky store, Lotto enthusiasts have even more reason to take a trip to the Shaky Isles around this time. With the combined weekly prize pool for the New Zealand Lotto at its highest level in history, visitors may want to try their luck with the Powerball or the Big Wednesday. Just shy of its $30 million cap, the Powerball has reached an incredible $27 million. The Big Wednesday isn’t doing too bad either, with $20 million to be won.

Higher Jackpots Mean More Sales

According to a New Zealand Lotto spokeswoman, only eight people have been lucky enough to win a prize over $20 million. The largest prize ever to be won on the islands was $36.7 million, collected by a family in 2009. Because higher jackpots lead to higher ticket sales, the Richmond Night n’ Day store is sure to see an increase in business. As players hope to become one of the lucky few people to win a prize over $20 million, they may want to improve their odds by selecting a lucky store.

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