Sparkling Winnings


Sparkling Bingo is expanding the potential winnings that come with the games that they offer, dramatically expanding the number of players that frequent their location as well. Generous cash prizes have become part of the daily offerings that are made available to players in nearly all of their bingo rooms. This gaming site that is based in the United Kingdom is rolling out promotions that seem endless on top of their regular free prizes that keep players coming back day after day. Online Bingo has never been quite as excited as it can be when you log on with Sparkling Bingo.

A Shining Game

Among some of the most popular promotions that cater to the taste of Bingo lovers is Zodiac Bingo. This monthly promotion allows players to win up to 1,111 pounds in any given gaming session. Additionally, every month comes with unique opportunities for specific symbols of the zodiac system. For example, Aquarius players will have the chance to win big in this 75-ball game that allows for pre-game buy-ins. When the game gets underway, five lucky players will be claiming some considerable prizes. Part of the potential winnings include 20 free bingo tickets on top of a 500-pound prize. Full house winners will claim this prize while anyone that is a 4-line winner will claim 300 pounds. The winnings continue for 3, 2, and 1-line winners, making your odds for getting in one the winning action considerable. There is also a mystery, monthly cash prize that can be unlocked as well.

Real Rewards Wait

Players celebrating a birthday will also find that there is no better time to play. Anyone logging on to play on their special day will automatically receive ten extra Bingo tickets. Every Monday, Sparkling Bingo also entices players by offering a “Happy Hour” special. During Happy Hour, there is a 100 percent re-load for all standard redeposits that total up to 50 percent. Players simple need to enter the promotional code HOUR in order to take advantage of this offer. Games that are chat hosted will also be awarding double the number of normal points to all winners taking part. The interactive fun comes with all kinds of rewards.