Gambling Laws and Regulations in Canada

Canada has seen a consistent and steady growth in its casino and gaming industry. But still, the Canadian Government’s attitude towards online gambling has always been confusing. On one hand, they do not prohibit Canadian players to play online on any website they want. On the other hand, they do not grant gambling licenses for Canadian site operators to run their site in Canada.

Canadian gaming industry

Canada LotteryWhile the regulated gaming industry in the country deals with lottery, casino slots for gaming, charitable gaming, slots at various race tracks and video lottery, unregulated gambling activities that take place in Canada include lottery ticket sales on Internet, casinos, bingo, and poker sites. And even though the regulated gaming market seems to be under stringent security and accountability measure in place, not every online casino operating in the country is subject to their Government regulations or laws.

The Canadian lottery moves online

The lottery industry in Canada has moved into the online sector with the first online casino being set up by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation in July 2010. And from then, the country has been proactive in its efforts to regulate and legalize the online gaming sector, which will certainly bring in more revenue for Canada as well. In fact every year, Canada holds a Gaming Summit in June, to discuss various legal issues and other developments in the gaming industry. The 2016 Gaming Summit is schedules to take place in Ottawa.

The summit also includes discussions about casinos and game centers that operate inside the ‘gray area’ of the online casino market. These are companies that have prestigious European accreditation but have no place in the Canadian scheme of laws and regulations. There is also a panel of people that focuses primarily on gaming lawsuits and deals with lottery corporations. And for the most part, gamblers are protected by the law under the online casinos’ policies.