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Online Slots Bankroll Management Guidelines

Slot machines are games of chance. The average slots player has no expectation of winning. They play because it’s enjoyable and there’s the potential, however slight, for a big payday. Since losses are expected, it’s important to manage one’s bankroll and ensure that the losses remain

Establish a Schedule

Define a play schedule. It may be every Friday, every other Saturday or simply twice a week. Once you’ve established how often you plan to play, you can use that info to set your budget.


Budget your slot allowance as part of your entertainment allowance for the month. In other words, your slot allowance should never be greater than the amount of discretionary income available for the current period.

Set Win and Loss Limits

In addition to time limits, you should set loss and win limits. These limits prevent you from losing too much during any one session, and they will help you to manage your wins better. If you’ve won big and want to apply it entirely to your bankroll, that’s fine, but you shouldn’t do so in the heat of the moment.

Max Bonuses and Rewards

Maximize your bankroll by taking full advantage of casino promotions and loyalty programs. Frequent slot players can usually achieve a cash-back rate of at least 25 percent, a significant amount that can greatly extend your total playtime for each month.

Factor Wagering Requirements

When taking advantage of casino bonuses, know your wagering requirements, including deadlines and stake amounts, and factor them into your budget and schedule accordingly. For a measured approach to reaching wagering requirements, it’s best to play low-variance games or play low stakes on high-variance games, even if that means sacrificing odds.

Bet with Purpose

Betting the max stake per spin is the easiest way to ensure that you’re getting the best odds that the slot machine offers. Depending on your current limits, however, betting max may be too rich. Each machine has a sweet spot, which is the stake level where ideal odds are achieved. On machines where the payout table scales evenly, that sweet spot can be very low.

If you’re at a point that you must sacrifice odds in order to continue playing for the duration of your session, then find an enjoyable pub-style game that has spins for as low as £0.01 or £0.05.

Choose Slots Machines Purposefully

Pay attention to characteristics like odds, payout percentages and variance, and choose accordingly based on what you’re currently trying to accomplish. Pay particular attention to progressive jackpots, which can often get high enough to drive the odds considerably in your favor.


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Baccarat Hand Tracking For Fun And Profit


baccarat_handsBaccarat is a decidedly fun game – it requires no skill on the part of the participants, yet it also offers some of the highest odds in the house. For all of the minor nuances to the rules, the game essentially works out to have the same odds as a coin flip. Of course, the house always maintains some slight edge: The hand dealt to the player has a lower percentage of winning, and bets on the banker are charged a commission. However, the game is still easy for a newcomer to sit down at and have fun.

Hand Tracking
Like any table game, there are a few strategies for betting. One of the most popular is hand tracking. As the name suggests, this strategy has you tracking the outcome of each hand. Over the course of a shuffle, you simply write down how many hands the player and the banker side each win, as well as how many in a row each wins.

How Does Hand Tracking Help?
Hand tracking is helpful in theory because it helps to isolate the long-term probability of a particular hand being won by the player or the banker. Simplifying the built-in house edge, either the player or the banker has a 50 percent chance of winning any given hand. Using basic probability calculations, the odds of any two hands in a row coming up the same are 25 percent. This continues to get multiplied in half for each consecutive winning hand. For example, after the player has won four hands in a row, the player would have less than a ten percent chance of winning the fourt hand.

Use It For Fun
Of course, it doesn’t necessarily work this way. Each hand is independent of the last. However, some players do apply a progressive betting system to this idea and double their bet on each hand, with the idea being that they’ll recoup. The issue is that it’s very easy to run out of money in a hurry doing this.

With that in mind, it’s better to use hand tracking for fun. You don’t necessarily double each bet, but instead wait for a streak and either bet on it or against it. Using this approach, you’ll see your winnings increase, but you won’t feel the strain of a progressive system. Regardless of how you use it, hand tracking is a great way to add excitement to the fantastic game that is baccarat.