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How to Find the Best Canada Casino Deals

When you want to play a little roulette, roll some craps or, just spend some time at the Blackjack table you want to do it when you get the most bang for your buck. When the points that you get back from the casino club are at their highest and where you are most likely to get the best return.

Why Are There Certain Times When Going to the Casino is the Best?
Casino CanadaCasinos are there to give you a great time, but in addition they also want to keep you coming back. So, many casinos have a points system, similar to what you see at a Walgreen’s or grocery store. You can, as well, gather points at the casino, and redeem them for money or prizes. It helps if you know about those days before hand, so you can get a great deal of points with only a little bit of effort.

Take Advantage of Social Media
Every casino has a hand in social media and uses it to let their customers know when is a great time to come and visit the casino. Places like the Maple Casino have a twitter account, Casino Edmonton also has a Facebook area as well. Many Canadian casinos have landing pages and accounts that can alert you from your home computer or your smart phone when and where the deals are happening. They can also send you email alerts for the best time to earn the most points. There are even sites that will rank the casinos that can give you the most points for your buck, such as Online Casino City.

What Can I Get With Earning Points at the Casino?
It all depends on the casino. They will often give you double your money on any casino machine. In addition, they can also give you complimentary dinners, lunches, or even hotel rooms. So take advantage of what the casino is offering. You may make more than you spend.

Play to Win Progressive Jackpots at Maple Casino

At Maple Casino, players can win big with the progressive jackpots on offer. This is just one of the many ways to win big at Maple – Canada’s premier online casino.

Progress to win

maple casinoThe games at Maple Casino are powered by the Microgaming gaming software. This means all the games are linked through a network spanning across the world. As such, the jackpot amount keeps increasing with every new bet. Ultimately, the jackpot amount keeps increasing and runs into millions. So whether players want to play slot games or table games, they have the opportunity to win a progressive jackpot. The huge amount of winnings available to win and the thrill of the games is a potent combination for any casino player.

Some of the games available at Maple Casino that have ongoing large progressive jackpots are Mega Moolah, Major Millions, Cash Splash, Fruit Fiesta, Treasure Nile, Tunzamunni, Cashalot, Jackpot Deuces, Caribbean Draw Poker, Poker Ride and many more exiting games.

Safe play, easy wins

At Maple Casino, it is easy to play games for progressive jackpots. The banking system here is safe and secure with easy ways to withdraw funds. You can use any of the several payment methods available at Maple from Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Click2Pay, EntroPay, MyBank and others. The site uses encryptions for every financial transaction and all withdrawals require proof of identity and address. So there is now no stopping anyone from utilizing opportunities to win at progressive jackpots at Maple Casino.

Along with the progressive jackpots, Maple Casino also offers numerous other bonuses and promotions. The first deposit bonus is quite good where new players can earn up to CAD$300. There is also a lucrative loyalty program where players can win rewards and prizes at every stage of the promotion.

Santa Ana Star Casino to Give Vacation Jackpots for Winners

Santa Ana Star CasinoPlayers at the Santa Ana Star Casino now have lots to cheer about as the casino has announced that it will send winners of its promotional drive in Easter week to holiday destinations within the US. The promotional event named “Jet..Set..Go” being held till March end will announce names of three lucky players every week that will be given options for holiday spots across several destinations in United States. Lucky draws will be held every Saturday and players have to collect points on their Star Rewards Club Card to qualify for varied vacation venues and can get one entry for every 500 points earned in playing their favorite games.

Winning terms and destinations

Winners can choose from several locations like Alaska, Anchorage, Seattle, Las Vegas, Nashville, New York, Philadelphia, Cape Canaveral, San Francisco, Chicago, Honolulu and St. Louis. To increase their points players can try out 3X Hump Day on every Wednesday of the month. Star Rewards Club Members can earn three times their regular points and five times if they play between noon and 5 PM on Wednesdays. All players of Santa Ana Star Casino can increase their chances by trying out $33 hot seat draws where three winners will be selected at random between noon and 8 PM every hour.

Promotional offer of San Felipe Casino

Patrons here can drive away in a cool new car this March which can be won during “$150000 CAR-nivale of Cash”. Besides a new Chevrolet car, patrons will also get to win $10,000 cash prizes based on drawings made between 2 – 6 PM every Sunday. Besides the “Madness in March” draw, guests can earn bonus payouts for blackjack win. There is also the “5K Friday Loyalty Play” wherein every Friday ten winners will be chosen to receive $50 as loyalty to play between noon and 9 PM. Thursday at San Felipe Casino start with “3X Points” promotion wherein customers can redeem points for free play, casino games purchases and also to purchase gas.

Ontario Hoping to Legalize Single-game Sports Wagering

A bill that has been three years in development will legalize single-game wagering for sports such as football, basketball, soccer and hockey. Currently, sports wagering is legal throughout Canada, but not in a single-game betting format. Because of this, a game like the Super Bowl cannot be bet. Provincial governments lose millions of dollars to foreign websites and illegal bookmakers. It has been estimated that there will be 150 million dollars bet on Sunday’s Super bowl, and these bets will not be placed legally.

canada-sportsMany members of the Ontario government want to see casinos in the Niagara Falls and Windsor areas accept legal wagers for single-game sporting events. Along with Canadians, the money attracted by these border towns from the United States will be quite high.

The House of Commons has already passed this legislation, but it awaits approval from the Senate. Known as the Red Chamber, this unelected body of parliament has only rejected legislation twice in its history. There are those who believe that this may be the third time. The most common reason given has been the lack of time members of the House of Commons were given to read the bill. Although the vote was unanimous in the house, it was a voice vote. Many of these representatives are asking the Senate to reject the bill.

Bill Rutsey, who is the president of the Canadian Gaming Association, declared that the only people who are benefiting from single-game betting are criminals. It is estimated that the sports betting industry is at least 10 billion dollars. Because so much of this is underground, it represents unrealized revenue for provincial governments. Provinces across the nation have seen their revenues drop. Passing this bill will help to shore up budget shortfalls. In addition, in the Windsor and Niagara Falls area, it is estimated that 250 jobs would be created.

Conservatives Critical of New Ontario Online Gambling Site

There is always going to be a lot of heated debate about the subject of gambling. A lot of people and politicians in Canada believe that it should not be legal for their citizens to place bets on casino games. They are even more vocal about the idea of the government helping people place bets online.

Play-OLGWith the OLG launching a new website in Ontario,, there has been a significant backlash from conservatives. They believe that Liberals in Canada are not tackling the gambling problem in the right manner. The Progressive Conservatives party believes that their Liberal counterparts should stop “trying to find pennies and nickels under the couch.”

Many Liberals claim that having a government run site would help them regulate the amount of money people spend on gambling. Conservatives do not agree with this sentiment. They believe the Liberals just want to take more money away from the poorest and most vulnerable Ontarians. “They just want a way to get more money into the state coffers. This has nothing to do with regulating gambling,” said a critic of the new website.

Conservatives are worried that having a government sponsored site will only encourage more people to gamble. “If someone spends their entire day sitting in front of the computer and gambling, they will end up spending money they do not have. This is a dangerous past time to encourage, especially with how much we know about gambling addiction,” said Catherine Fife. Catherine is staunch critic of this Liberal policy.

“A lot of research has been conducted on this matter, and almost all of it points to online gambling as increasing the propensity for gambling addiction,” she continued.

Regulating gambling may be one reason the Liberal government wanted to create, but the potential financial benefits cannot be ignored. There is a $13 BILLION deficit in Canada that needs to be eliminated soon, and revenue from gambling sites is one way to solve the problem.

PokerStar Deal Favours Amaya Gaming

When Amaya Gaming’s CEO David Baazov walked into private equity firm Blackstone Group’s office earlier this year seeking financial backing to buy one of the world’s biggest poker company, PokerStars, his seemingly ludicrous proposal was rejected and he was shown the exit. A couple of months later, the 33-year old completed the deal and emerged as the king of online gambling, besides his company performing overwhelmingly well. So goes the saying – Fortune favours the brave.

David Baazov

The deal

On August 10, Amaya announced that it had completed the acquisition of 100 percent of the outstanding shares of Rational Group, which operates PokerStars, Full Tilt and other popular poker brands for a total deal value of $4.9 billion. The transaction was financed in a combination of liquid cash, private placement of subscription receipts, dew debts and private placement of non-voting convertible shares and common shares. After the purchase Rational Group CEO Mark Scheinberg said that he expects PokerStars and its other poker brands to increase business with the combined leadership of Amaya and Rational executives.

Post the purchase, traffic for cash games rose as much as 10 percent, highly attributable to PokerStars’ December Festival events. Milestone Hands, one of the tournaments of the December Festival, is witnessing a high turnaround.

 The aftermath of the deal

Currently, PokerStars has an average of 21,000 ring game players and enjoys the second highest player traffic. Amaya’s Full Tilt occupies the fourth place with an average of 1500 players, behind 888Poker and iPoker which at 2400 payers and 2000 players respectively.

In November, Amaya posted its third-quarter revenue that surged $38.6 million to $239 million, compared with a year earlier. The Montreal-based company’s adjusted profit rose 10 times to $70 million, or $0.43 per share surpassing average analysts’ expectation of $0.15 per share. Amaya said it expects even stronger results in the next quarter due to increase in traffic in December.

Even though there are a number of challenges and barriers ahead of Amaya relating to its latest acquisition, the results and traffic reveal that Baazov’s brave move was rewarding. However, whether it will remain rewarding in the long run is yet to be seen.

Ladbrokes Leaves Canada

There were a lot of worries about the future of online casinos in Canada when Ladbrokes pulled their participation from the country’s market. Investors and market experts were seriously worried that Canadian regulations would continue to drive companies out of the country. However, these fears have turned out to be unfounded.

While Ladbrokes may be gone permanently from Canada, their withdrawal had more to do with their competition than any regulations. They were unhappy with steps taken by a couple of other online casinos in reference to payment processing companies. Instead of fighting to improve their standing in Canada, they chose to leave.

LadbrokesRegulation –

While overseas countries are not expressly allowed to serve Canadian customers, most of them get by nonetheless. They do not place any advertisements on Canadian soil, nor do they heavily publicize their Canadian market. This allows companies such as Bet365 and Betfair to continue serving Canadian customers and making good money from the country.

One Off Case –

Experts now believe that the Ladbrokes decision was a complete one off, and does not reflect the online casino market’s direction in Canada. Most of the international companies that serve Canadian customers originate in the UK. New UK laws mean that they must show less than 5% of their revenues per year come from Canada.

While other companies were happy to comply with these requirements, Ladbrokes did not want to deal with the situation. It was reported that only half a percent of their yearly revenue comes from Canada. That figure is too small for them to deal with the hassle of continuing to provide services to Canadians.

However, companies such as Bet365 and Betfair have a lot more at stake in Canada. They are more popular among Canadian gamblers, which means they will continue to stick around.

Canada’s Northern Bear to Shut Down

A popular online casino named Northern Bear Casino has shut down its operations citing financial reasons. It was launched just two years ago, but gained prominence as it was the first online gaming operator by a First Nations company in Canada.

 About Northern Bear

Northern Bear CasinoThis online casino was started by Bernie Shepherd in 2012. It was not the first gambling initiative by Shepherd. He started a casino in 1993, which was the first casino in the area and was constructed on tribal land. This was shut down by the authorities soon after as it was started without seeking proper permissions.

But he has been relentless about making strides in the gaming industry but his digital foray also failed to be a success. However his efforts to start gaming businesses, the first by anyone belonging to the First Nations people has been commended by some people in the community. However, license of Northern Bear is also under the scanner. As per Shepherd he had obtained licensing from Quebec under the First Nations provisions. But this is not valid to start gaming operations in Canada.

Northern Bear used Geobet as its operating software and had its servers located in the Virgin Islands. But as per Shepherd himself the online gaming industry is very challenging industry and difficult to make profits. Though he was looking for external funding to avoid closing of the casino, nothing materialized on that front and the casino had to shut shop. Though there have been murmurs that Shepherd didn’t have the funds for the winnings and the wagers and this has been the reason for which the Northern Bear has been shut down.

About online gaming in Canada

The online gambling scene in Canada has never really taken off. This could be the reason for Northern Bear’s poor performance. Even those gambling sites that are owned by the state haven’t done well financially and are struggling to make profits. Authorities however have been saying that online casinos are easy to run as operating costs of running them is not high.

There are some exceptions like playnow, who have done better in the recent times. British Columbia Lottery Corporation, which runs playnow as well as operates many of the region’s gaming sites hasn’t done well with other companies.

Expansion of PokerStars in Spain

The acquisition of PokerStars by Amaya Gaming seems to be going well. The Canadian company always believed there was a lot of untapped potential with this website. They have now decided to expand their operations in Spain, with other countries rumored to be next. Blackjack and Roulette are now available to players in Spain through the website

poker starsTheir president had this to say on the matter: “This decision does not mean we are taking our eye off the original ball. We still want to be number one in Spain when it comes to online poker. However, adding these games gives us a chance to bring more quality products to our loyal customers.” Visit casino to see what games they currently have.

The licenses to operate these games were obtained earlier this year through REEL Spain, a subsidiary of PokerStars in Spain. The President had further comments to make on the news: “Through our research we know that many of our customers want to be able to play other games on our platform. This move ensures that players who prefer an overall casino games package can sign up with PokerStars. We will still cater to our core clientele, while giving them the option to enjoy these two new games.”

With the move in Spain completed, it appears that Amaya Gaming is turning its attention to Italy. They want to add games to the Italian PokerStars website as well. In addition, they want to improve their sponsorship policies in the country. PokerStars has been successful with sponsoring poker tables and rooms at various elite casinos. Poker tables with the PokerStars logo attract attention and business to their website. Adding sponsorship in Italy will boost their business.

Italy should expect a series of online casino games with the PokerStars brand in the coming six months. This transition is being handled by the gaming director of EuroBet, Marco Trucco.

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Great Canadian Extends Contract with Fraser Downs Casino

Casino players in Canada were relieved when Great Canadian announced that it has extended its contract with British Columbia Lottery Corporation. The expansion will enable it to operate the casino for another ten years. The agreement allows Great Canadian to continue running slot machines and conducting slot tournaments for players and regular patrons at the hotel.

Fraser Downs Casino

The firm has been an operator of both Fraser Downs Racetrack and Casino since 2005 and is a favourite among locals. Besides a casino, the property has four dining areas along with spaces to hold private meetings and gaming options like Standardbred horseracing and gambling. In a public statement announcing the renewal of contract, CEO of Great Canadian thanked BCLC for granting them an opportunity to serve local residents in a better manner by providing more exciting options for entertainment and leisure. The firm with operations across Canada employs 3900 people in Canada and nearly 600 in Washington.

Operations of Great Canadian Gaming Corporation

The Great Canadian was established in 1982 and started operations to operate charity casinos across Canada during annual fairs. Its first permanent casino became operational in Vancouver in 1986 followed by others at Victoria, Richmond and Langley. Over a period of time the charitable casino gave way to British Columbia Lottery Corporation and existing facilities were expanded to have separate slot machines section and more tables for card games like blackjack, poker and baccarat. Through 2004 and 2011, the firm expanded its operations to include hotels, theatres and casinos in British Columbia, Bear Mountain, Kent, Washington, Tukwila and Maple Ridge. The Great Canadian was listed on Toronto Stock Exchange during this period as it grew by leaps and bounds.

Relationship between Great Canadian and Fraser Downs Casino

The long-term relationship that began in 2005 with renewed extension till 2024 will now be able to complete 20 years without any interruption from government or private authorities. Depending on market demand the firm will make some long due changes to the property which will certainly include new slot games too. Besides this property, the firm also runs a resort, four racetracks, community gaming establishments and several casinos. To bring in avid card players, Great Canadian opened a new Poker Room in Fraser Downs Racetrack and Casino during March 2012.