With smoking falling out of favor over the past several decades, land based casinos around the world have been faced with a difficult decision over how to handle smoking. The traditional image of a casino brings to mind a smoke filled room with low ceilings and ash trays on every table. Modern casino design has integrated significant architectural and technical advances to allow smokers and non-smokers to participate in gaming alongside each other.

casinoNewer casinos feature high ceilings and innovative air filtering to maintain a pleasant, smoke free environment. Almost all casinos have sections dedicated to non-smoking and nearly all poker rooms are non-smoking.

Other casinos are being forced to ban smoking altogether due to state or national laws that prohibit smoking in public spaces. These casinos claim a competitive disadvantage although hard data for this is difficult to come by.

The only casinos that are immune to the smoking debate and allow for smokers and nonsmokers to choose their own fates are online casinos. By gaming online, players can participate in gaming from the comfort of home where smoking, or not, is clearly dictated by a strictly local policy.